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3000 Rockets Would Be Fired at ‘israel’ during Every War Day: Zionist Ombudsman

The former IOF ombudsman, Yitzhak Brick, reiterated that the Zionist infantry units are not ready for any war, especially in case of fighting on several fronts simultaneously, adding that this would endanger the security of the entity.

In a report, Brick pointed out that his estimations and conclusions are reached in the Zionist security and military comptroller.

The veteran officer added that more than 250 thousand missiles are besieging ‘Israel’, noting that around 3000 rockets would be fired at the entity per war day.

“The rockets are precision-guided and hold heavy heads and will claim thousands of Israelis and cause a massive destruction.”

Brick considered that the economic crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus outbreak would impede the home front’s preparations to face any upcoming war.

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