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350 units after settlement freeze ended

A report published by the Haaretz daily said Israeli settlers began construction on 350 new settlement units in several settlements throughout the occupied West Bank since the end of the alleged settlement freeze on September 26.

The report issued on Wednesday said building was rapid in the Kiryat Arba settlement, which saw 34 new settler homes, and the Ariel settlement, which was ready for 54 units during the coming period after extensive digging on land allocated for that purpose.

Land in the Kadumim and Karmei Tzur settlements is being leveled at wide range to build 56 new settlement buildings in each settlement.

According to Haaretz, recent settlement projects have been launched to build anywhere from ten to 24 units in each of the Adam, Matityahu, Nili, Nariya, Revava ,and Kfar Adumim settlements.

The Settlement Council in the West Bank said it was satisfied at the “urban renaissance” taking place in all of the Jewish settlements built on Israeli occupied land in Palestine.

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