6 ISIL militants killed in shootout with Afghan forces


Afghan troops have killed at least six ISIL militants who had attacked a security checkpoint in the troubled southern Afghanistan.

An Afghan military statement on Monday confirmed that six ISIL terrorists, including a senior militant commander, were killed following their attack in Kajaki District of Helmand province.

The Afghan forces also seized an arms cache and ammunition belonging to the militants.

The statement, however, did not specify whether the Afghan forces suffered casualties during the fierce clashes.

The fierce fighting comes as fears are growing that the ISIL militants have been making inroads in the militancy-riddled country.

A series of clashes between Taliban militants and the ISIL terrorist groups have been reported across Afghanistan over the past weeks.

Some media reports say the Takfiri ISIL terror group has has started actively recruiting militants in some regions of the violence-wracked country.

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