9th International Robocup Competition warps up in Tehran


In the Iranian capital Tehran the winners of the 9th International Robocup Competition have been announced. During the closing ceremony leading teams recived the top award.
More than 2,000 students from 22 countries took part in the two-day competitions which is considered among the best robotic competitions worldwide. The Iranian RoboCup National Committee was officially formed in July 2006. The main objective of Iranian RoboCup National Committee is to promote Robotics and AI research. The committee annually supports the organization of RoboCup Iran Open competitions & symposium where Iranian and foreign researchers meet to exchange their recent research achievements. They also have the opportunity to see the result of their researches in action during the competitions. There are three different sections which include real robots and simulations. From humanoids and deminers to flying robots. But by far the most popular competition is the football which was set up with the aim of creating a team of humanoid robots by 2050. The robot football players must act autonomously and are unable to get help from their handlers. Instead, they communicate via wi-fi to co-ordinate teamwork. Robotics researchers believe that within 40 years a robotic football team will take to the field that will be able to defeat humans

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