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About ‘Hassan’: Hezbollah’s Drone that Rubbed ‘israeli’ Security Systems into Dirt!

Well-informed sources within the Lebanese Resistance movement told Al-Akhbar that ‘Hassan’ drone took off from a location in south Lebanon at 11:40 a.m. on Friday (February 18), and that it managed to evade all Israeli interceptors.

“Despite all advanced Israeli security systems the Israeli enemy discovered the drone at 12:10, after its mission covered a distance of 30 kilometers and reached the so-called Rosh Pinna area near Safed in the north of the occupied territories,” the sources told Al-Akhbar.

Shortly after the Israeli occupation spotted the ‘strange object’ sirens sound in the area as the occupation military was trying to define the nature of this ‘object’, the Lebanese paper reported.

As soon as the enemy realized that the object was an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Iron Dome air defense system launched Tamir interceptor missile which failed to hit the drone, Al-Akhbar said, quoting the sources as saying.

The Israeli Northern Command then dispatched an F16 warplane to accomplish the mission. However, the aircraft’s high speed prevented it from hitting the slow target.

“The Israeli F16 even flew adjacent to the drone but failed to intercept it,” the sources said, according to Al-Akhbar.

It was then the turn of the Israeli helicopters, Al-Akhbar reported, adding that after both the Iron Dome and the F16 failed to intercept Hezbollah’s drone, Israeli helicopters were waiting for the UAV over Lake Tiberias, from where the Israeli Northern Command expected the drone would start its return journey.

As Israeli Apatche helicopters specified the location of ‘Hassan’ drone, they launched several missiles towards it, Al-Akhbar said, adding that the radar contact was then lost with the UAV.

The Israeli command supposed that the drone was downed and two-hour operations to search for its debris had also went into failure.

Hezbollah then announced that ‘Hassan’ drone safely returned to Lebanon after accomplishing its 40-minute mission which extended for a length of 70 km north of occupied Palestine.

“Israeli enemy’s failure to detect and then to intercept the drone shed light upon a major hole in its security and military agenda aimed at protecting the entire region,” Al-Akhbar reported, highlighting the Lebanese Resistance’s ability to evade the Israeli security systems.

In this context, a high-ranking Hezbollah officer told Al-Akhbar that ‘Hassan’ drone manage to evade high-frequency alarm systems like ADS, SIGNIT, ULTRA C1, MMR AND Sky Dew.

“The security umbrella which has been shading the Israeli military and its reinforcements across the Zionist entity’s north has collapsed,” the officer said, according to Al-Akhbar.

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