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About the recent events in Iran..

I wish to say that in the past days, certain incidents took place following the policy adopted by the heads of the three branches. […] Certain problems, unfortunately, arose in some cities of the country. Some individuals lost their lives and some places were damaged. Such things have happened in the past one, two days. There are a number of points which should receive attention: first of all, when a policy is adopted by the heads of the country, one should view it with optimism. I am not an expert in this regard. I do not have the expertise and I said so to the honorable gentlemen. I said to them that because experts give different opinions on the issue of gasoline – some experts find it necessary and essential and some find it detrimental – I prefer not giving my opinion because I am not an expert on such matters.

I also said that although I am not an expert, if the heads of the three branches of government decide to press ahead with it, I will support it. I said this and I will support them. They are the heads of the three branches of government and they made a decision based on expert opinion. Therefore, this decision should be acted on. This is one point.

The second point is that some people are certainly worried or upset about this decision. They find it to their disadvantage or they think it is to their disadvantage. In any case, they become displeased, but setting fire to such and such a bank is not the action of the people, rather it is the action of thugs. It is done by thugs. They are done by hooligans and we should pay attention to this. In such incidents, hooligans, those with malicious intentions and thugs enter the arena and sometimes, youth accompany them because they get carried away, thus bringing about such acts of sabotage. These acts of sabotage do not solve any problem. In fact, it adds insecurity to any possible problem. Insecurity is the worst disaster for every country and every society. This is what their intention is. Notice that in the past two days – in the past two nights and one day since these incidents took place – all malicious centers in the world, which work against us, have encouraged these actions. These centers – ranging from the sinister and malicious Pahlavi household to evil and criminal munafeqeen terrorist cult – are constantly encouraging such actions in social networks and via other outlets.

They encourage individuals to continue making malicious moves. What I want to say is that no one should help thugs. No wise and sensible individual who is interested in their country and in their comfortable life should help them because they are thugs. Such actions are not carried out by ordinary people.

Nov 17, 2019

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