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Abu Obeida: Disintegrate PA not Al-Qassam Brigades


The spokesman of Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades said that talk about integration or disintegrate the Palestinian resistance factions has no place on the ground and cannot be done.

“The dream of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic resistance Movement Hamas, solution is a distant dream, no matter how some people tried to explain the Egyptian paper in this regard, each has its own interpretation, and therefore, this point needs to be fully clarified.”

Abu Obeida added “What we can assure that the solution of the PA is easier than to solve Al Qassam Brigades or the brave resistance factions, and if there was a definition for the legitimate weapon, certainly, it is the resistance weapon. We do not accept to name the resistance as militia, Palestinian people knows that the legitimate weapon is the only one which protects the homeland and defends the dignity of the people.”

On the position of the Egyptian paper regarding the resistance, he said “The legality of the resistance is not a subject to negotiation and discussion, and not in the rounds of reconciliation, but since these deliberations discussed major political issues, we should stress that any document or paper or agreement includes injustice to the right of resist or an attempt to exclude it is an incomplete paper and cannot survive.”

The spokesman continued “The resistance is the Palestinian people choice under occupation as long as all the occupied people option, an odd Palestinian team is weaken the Palestinian position on the external level; this team speaks on behalf of the people of Palestine falsely and ignores the resistance.”

About the impact of the resistance on the reconciliation efforts, Abu Obeida said “The reconciliation is the demand of every Palestinian, but making the reconciliation as paper to celebration and return to apply and pass agendas serving the Zionist enemy & the Americans and call this “a national reconciliation”! This is unacceptable, if the Egyptian mediator wants to have real reconciliation, it must be compatible with the option of the Palestinian people.”

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