Adnan’s health gets worse after 38-day hunger strike in Israel jail


The health condition of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan has taken a serious turn for the worse, as his open-ended hunger strike has been ongoing for 38 consecutive days to protest his arbitrary detention in Israeli lock-ups.

Khader Adnan’s wife has expressed concerns over his exacerbated health status and the preplanned medical neglect pursued by the Israeli prison authorities against her isolated husband.

Muhjat al-Quds Foundation said prisoner Khader Adnan has declared his an open-ended hunger strike some 38 days ago in response to being held arbitrarily in Israeli dungeons.

Muhjat al-Quds railed against Israel’s torture tactics, including bans of visits by family members and attorneys, perpetrated against the hunger striker, in contravention of international laws and treaties.

In a letter leaked from the prison and published on Monday by Muhjat al-Quds Foundation, Adnan said that he has been locked up in a very small and isolated cell in Jalama jail for long weeks, during which he has been barred from visits by his lawyers and family and made to endure dire conditions of captivity.

Khader Adnan, from the northern occupied West Bank province of Jenin, was kidnapped by the Israeli forces on December 11, 2017 over allegations of anti-occupation incitement.


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