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Afghan inmate kills two US soldiers

An Afghan inmate has gone on a shooting spree killing two US marines and wounded three others at a prison in Afghanistan’s volatile south.

The incident took place at the heartland of Taliban in Musa Qala district of Helmand Province, informed sources told a Press TV correspondent on Sunday.

Two prisoners and the gunman also died in the incident but the circumstances of their killing remains unclear.

Sources say the gunman had either smuggled in the weapon or snatched it from an Afghan guard on duty.

In similar cases over the past few months Afghan army recruits have killed several US and British troops at training camps. Analysts believe such incidents indicate Afghan dissatisfaction with the foreign presence in the country.

Foreign forces are experiencing some of their deadliest days in Afghanistan since the start of the US-led invasion of the country nine years ago.

According to official NATO tally almost 2,000 foreign soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan so far.

This is while Afghanistan’s official Baakhtar news agency said in a recent report that the US-led war has claimed the lives of nearly 4,500 foreign soldiers since 2001.

The rising number of casualties has drastically decreased public support for the Afghan war across Europe and the US.

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