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Afghanistan, another US puppet state: Analsyt

8678206424_303fb551be_bPress TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, with the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, about Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemning a deadly US drone attack in the country and threatening to reject a planned security deal with the US if “oppressions” by foreign forces continue there.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s take a look at this security pact that the US is so keen on Karzai to sign in. Karzai is under immense pressure. What does the US stand to benefit from the adoption of this deal?

Short: Well two things. The more obvious thing is that their plans for having access to natural gas pipelines which for one day be constructed they hope is one and then two what we won’t talk about is all the heroin that seems to facilitate a whole lot of people getting money.

I mean the amount of heroin has increased in production by forty times since the so-called liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban. So you have got drug money that is big business and then of course you have got energy money and of course there are a lot of contractors and military industrial type people, as well it is a way to have presence in the region. So it is a lot policy prerogatives of different interest in the United States.

Press TV: Karzai has time and time again repeated that he will not sign this pact until the US brings peace to the nation and also recently he just said that the deal with Washington will be signed if oppressions by foreign forces are stopped. What oppressions is he talking about?

Short: Well he is talking about the night raids and the other things that the so-called coalition forces do that have killed large numbers of civilians. There was one province that kicked them out because they were raping and torturing people.

You know, the US does not respect Afghanistan but in reality what can Karzai do? In reality, he is little more than the titular president of a country. He may have it in name but he does not run the country. He is more the mayor of Kabul and there is a lot of corruption.

So how can he who is on the payroll of MI6 and the CIA, really demand things? It is like the town drunks and he does not like liquor stores.

He is essentially someone who is kept in power by the very people he is critiquing. He is like Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam or Pu Yi for Manchukuo the Japanese. He could be assassinated and taken out at anytime if he protests too much.

And the words of US ambassador Karl Eikenberry, he is a weak and paranoid individual unfamiliar with the basics of nation-building. He is useful because he has no power and other people that he has passed money to, who are bribed by the CIA puppet directly, if he ever really protests or does too much or becomes a threat, he will be Gaddafied.

Press TV: Well that is a very interesting point you make there, so then you would say that the US is going to ultimately bully its way into Afghanistan and remaining there?

Short: He is a cross between a Super fly drug dealer … and a sand nigger, forgive my language. He is a pawn. He has no power. No one respects him and in reality he facilitates the fraud of a new Afghan nation which in fact again ambassador Karl Eikenberry said that he does not have …, he is not even familiar with the basics of nation-building in the most rudimentary way.

So you have an incompetent person who does not what he is doing. His family is corrupt. His brother Mahmud Karzai is a fraud. I mean the whole country is corrupt. How can a corrupt person rebuild a state?

And that this is the same path that you had in Vietnam, the so-called South Vietnam, another American puppet state and the same thing heroin, corruption, fraud, murder, torture. It is just a colonial project that will eventually collapses under its own weight.

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