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Lebanese President defends Hezbollah during Pompeo meeting

  General Aoun told the visiting U.S. diplomat that Hezbollah’s presence in Lebanon stems from a popular base that denotes one of the main sects in the country. “Maintaining national unity and civil peace is a priority for us,” President Aoun told Secretary Pompeo during his meeting with him at the Baabda palace. Aoun also solicited US support for Lebanon…

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Pro-Palestine Protesters Gather outside AIPAC Conference in Show of Defiance

Supporters of the Palestinian cause protested outside the annual AIPAC conference that has secured some top US politicians to speak at its three-day event, including Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The march began at the White House and ended in front of the Washington Convention Center, the venue where the AIPAC conference began that day, News2Share…

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Netanyahu Cuts Short US Visit after Resistance Hit Tel Aviv

  “I have decided, due to the security incidents, to cut short my visit to the United States,” Netanyahu said in a video released by his office. “I will meet President (Donald) Trump in a few hours and just after that I will return to Israel to lead closely the operations,” the Israeli PM added. He described the rocket fire…

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Wary of Iran’s missiles, Great Satan US strikes port deal with Oman

  The US embassy in Oman said in a statement on Sunday that the agreement granted the US access to facilities and ports in the towns of Duqm as well as in Salalah, which sit on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It noted that the port deal “reaffirms the commitment of both countries to promoting mutual security goals.” The…

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Trump’s Golan remarks only bolster resistance against Israel, supporters: Iran official

  Ali Akbar Velayati, who is also secretary general of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, made the remarks in a Sunday statement in response to Trump’s announcement. He emphasized that the recognition of the “tyrannical occupation of the Golan Heights … which is aimed at making that regime feel secure, will undoubtedly add to regional problems and make the…

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US is mad because Hezbollah resists against its plots for region, Iran says

  In a statement on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi pointed to Pompeo’s comments against Hezbollah, and lashed out at him for making such “rude and unwise” remarks and raising “baseless, false, hackneyed, and futile” claims and accusations against a major political and legal part of Lebanon while he was visiting the Arab country. In his recent trip…

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Great Satan US military reinforcing in Syria amid Golan plan zionist website says

  According to Debka File, the US military has boosted its presence in six key positions in eastern Syria and western Iraq this month. The reinforcements have reached bases located in three regions in Syria: al-Tanf base, just 24 km west of the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border junction; Raqqah and the US airbase at Remelin, northeast of Hasakah. “The six bases are focal points of…

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Yemeni Hezbollah Leader Rejects Pompeo’s Claims on Iranian Missile Support

  “I say to the Americans that you should stop your aggression and crimes and the blockade of Yemen so that all forms of Yemeni military defense and all excuses that you make will be removed,” he noted. “If you are right, enter into battle directly with Iran,” the Houthi leader added. Speaking to Al Arabiya on Thursday, Pompeo said…

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FM Zarif Raps Distorted Narratives Aimed at Spreading Iranophobia

“Even the Torah is distorted to serve Iranophobia. What it actually says Persian king saved Jews from captivity in Babylon. Another Persian king saved Jews from genocide. Genocide plotter hailed from Negev, not Persia. Persian king is only foreigner referred to as MESSIAH,” Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Saturday. His tweet came after Pompeo said on Thursday “it’s possible” that…

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Syria’s Jaafari to Guterres: US Has No Authority to Decide Fate of Occupied Golan

  Jaafari voiced Damascus’ rejection to Trump’s statement, affirming that e US administration doesn’t have any right or authority to decide the fate of the occupied Syrian Golan. The Syrian envoy meanwhile, said that the US measure” is an illegitimate act that has no effect and it is a breach of the US obligations towards provisions of the UN Charter…

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