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Leader’s memory of meeting Imam Khomeini (ra) in the airport after 15 years

The Leader related:

Once I told this to Imam himself when we were in the car. Everyone was happy and laughing. I was crying involuntarily because of what might happen to Imam since I didn’t know what was going to happen. There were certain threats.

Then we entered the airport and Imam arrived in the way that you are well aware of. As soon as Imam arrived with his typical tranquility, our worries and concerns were completely gone. That is, Imam calmed me and perhaps many others who were worried with his special tranquility.

When I met Imam there after all those long years, the fatigue of those years left my body.

There was a feeling that all of our dreams were embodied in the being of Imam, and this sentiment manifested itself in a completely tangible, real, victorious feeling.

January 14, 1984

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