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African refugees protest against zionist Israel

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African asylum seekers have announced another series of protest measures at an Israeli detention center in Negev Desert.

The protest, which is set to start on Monday, comes as the imprisoned refugees are critical of the very existence of the Holot detention center and the indecent conditions there.

They also complain about insufficient medical services and the lack of educational programs.

They have also called on Tel Aviv to ensure justice and not to treat refugees like criminals.

“Our protest is against government policy, against its plans to put people who aren’t criminals in jail for a period where no one knows how long it will last…. We will not stop the protest until there is a solution. We don’t want to stay in Holot anymore,” media outlets quoted one of the prisoners as saying.

The refugees say they will push ahead with their non-violent disobedience until they reach a satisfactory solution.

Some 2,400 Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers are now being held at Holot.

Israel’s anti-infiltration legislation allows the detention of asylum seekers without charge or trial.

Thousands of migrants live and work in Israel without legal documents.

Humanitarian agencies say Tel Aviv’s policies toward migrants gravely violate international refugee conventions.

Human Right Watch has said that Tel Aviv uses the “threat of prolonged detention” to force the African migrants to give up their asylum claims.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that Israel’s new legislation is a violation of the spirit of the UN 1951 Refugee Convention.

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