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After Hezbollah Circulated Coordinates of ‘israeli’ Military Sites in Urban Areas, Zionist Map Mistake Reveals Secret Bases’ Locations

A detailed map of COVID-19 testing centers in Israel, published by the National Emergency Portal, has apparently revealed a bit more than it was supposed to. According to the newspaper Haaretz, the map also included information about Israeli military bases, including those that Tel Aviv normally does not advertise (let alone disclose their location). The map reportedly showed where ‘Israel’ Air Force and Military Intelligence bases are located.

The map was purportedly so detailed that it not only showed the locations and the names of the military facilities, but even revealed their size and their exact boundaries. The release of the information about military bases was carried out by mistake and the classified data has since been removed from the online map.

Hezbollah War Media Center released, one month ago, a video that shows Israeli military posts and facilities located in residential areas.

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