Ahmadinejad: No Place for US, Zionists in New Mideast

Thirty-three years ago, International al-Quds Day rallies started in the Islamic Republic of Iran with a wide popular participation.

Raising the slogan of “Islamic Awakening signals the approach of liberating al-Quds,” millions of Iranians flooded the main squares and streets to commemorate the occasion in more than 550 cities and provinces.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned of the dangers of the very sensitive statue-quo.

During his speech delivered in Tehran before crowds, Ahmadinejad noted that peoples should be aware of the conspiracies made by our enemies and indicated that Peoples’ spring is definitely coming.

“Arrogant countries vowed to protect the Israeli entity, which is their pretext to infiltrate inside the Muslim World,” he added.

“U.S. presidential candidates won’t reach the power unless they bow to the Zionist entity,” he stressed.

Ahmadinejad advised the West to abandon the Zionist entity. “It’s for West’s benefit to abandon Zionists,” he said, adding that there’ll be no place for US, Zionists in the new Middle East.

The Iranian president pointed out that Al-Quds will be set free, and the cancerous tumor [Zionist entity] will be removed.

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