Ahmadinejad Terms Development of Iran, Reforming World Main Missions of Revolution

13920411000340_PhotoIIran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said reconstruction and development of Iran and reforming the present world order are the main two missions of the Islamic Revolution.
“We have two missions, one is developing Iran and the other one is reforming the world. Some imagine that these two are separate issues and that we should just deal with Iran and forget the world, but we believe that these two are interrelated and binding issues,” Ahmadinejad said addressing a meeting held Sunday morning to appreciate the efforts made by him and his administrations in the last 8 years.

“We cannot take Iran to its deserving position without dealing with the world management and reforming world relations, such a thing is impossible,” he continued.

“Meantime”, he said, “others will not allow us to develop our country without getting involved with global issues.”

“We are acting within an international system and relations. No one can erect a wall around himself to say that he is confined to that limit. Such an experience is already available, the former Soviet Union did the same,” he continued.

“Even if we want to do so, we won’t be allowed,” reminding that colonial, bullying, expansionist and arrogant powers do not allow a country to make progress and advancement independent from them.

“We can’t say slavery, colonialism and expansionism belonged to the past, this is nothing but deceiving ourselves.”

He said Iran, for instance, which enjoys the needed economic potentials, capacities and possibilities planned to grow into a developed country, but the West opposed Iran’s prosperity and started imposing various sanctions on the country under various pretexts.

“Even if they did not impose sanctions against us, the world relations and order are working in such a way that no matter how hard we worked, part of our profit would go into their pockets. They empty our pockets with international relations,” Ahmadinejad reiterated.

The Iranian president said the bullying and expansionist powers make use of various economic, political and media possibilities to block the path of an independent nation towards progress and power, “since such a mighty and powerful, but independent country can endanger their hegemony and set a role model for others.

He said “thus we should build an exemplary society inside as we can be the most advanced paradigm of progress and power…and reform the world structure and order to play a vital role in global management”.

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