Al-Halqi: Developing Media Performance to Upgrade to Level of Current Events

Premier Dr. Wa’el al-Halqi, emphasized the important role of the National Council for Media in drawing the strategic policies of the national media and supervising its implementation through setting mechanisms and foundations that develop media performance and upgrade it to the level of the current events.

The Premier’s remarks came during his meeting with Head of the Council Taleb Qadi Amin and members of the council on Thursday.

Al-Halqi stressed the importance of the complementary role between the Council and the Information Ministry to improve media performance according to the standards of professionalism, credibility and national responsibility for the media to be transparent and acheive the aspirations of the people.

He highlighted the Syrian media role in exposing falsity of the fierce misleading media campaign accompanied with the terrorist acts carried out by armed groups, saying that what has been broadcast by the Syrian media of documented reports constitute legal and political documents against the enemies of this country.

Then, the Premier gave an overall economic review about the ability of the Syrian economy to withstand and face all challenges, affirming that the government is working tirelessly to ensure the citizen’s basic needs.

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