Al-Laham: Syria determined to vanquish terrorism, undismayed by US threats

20130904-173057_h500890Syria will remain undismayed by the threats of the US and its allies of waging an aggression against it, and is more determined than ever to vanquish terrorism and restore security and stability, Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said.

Al-Laham was speaking during his meeting Wednesday with member of Venezuelan Parliament’s National Security Committee, Adel el-Zabayar.

Al-Laham said any potential US aggression aims to serve Israel’s interests after the armed terrorist group failed in doing so through debilitating the Syrian state and attempts to dissuade it from its firm principles in support of Arab causes, first and foremost the Palestinian cause.

He stressed the importance of aborting the US schemes and attempts to force regime change in countries and replacing their regimes with dependent ones supportive of their polices, calling for unifying the stances of friendly countries’ parliaments at international forums.

Al-Laham hailed the stances of the Venezuelan people and their government’s support to Syria against the multi-dimensional war targeting it led by the West, imperialism and Zionism, and backed by Arab countries.

”In its current war, Syria bets on the stances of free nations who are beginning to become familiar with the conspiracy against Syria that has been on for two years and a half,” al-Laham pointed out.

El-Zabayar said the anti-Syria conspiracy is one round in a series of schemes concocted by the US and its Western allies against many countries that oppose its colonial policies based on robbing the resources of nations.

El-Zabayar stressed the support of the Venezuelan people- in all their spectrums and political affiliations- to the Syrian people in the war against terrorism and its patrons, expressing trust that ”the Syrian people will be the victor in this war thanks to their steadfastness and defiance of the unfair economic embargo, not to mention the sacrifices of the Syrian army.”

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