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Al-Manar Postpones Broadcast of an Exclusive Video of Sayyed Nasrallah Touring Dahiyeh

Al-Manar was set to broadcast tonight an exclusive video showing Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah touring Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh), but the broadcast was postponed and will be shown soon.

The four-minute video clip includes a song and scenes showing Sayyed Nasrallah touring Dahiyeh streets by car and among his people.

The video clip, entitled “Oh Most Benevolent Ones” referring to resistance crowds, was scheduled to be broadcast on Friday night. However, the timing was reset upon the request of Sayyed Nasrallah’s supporters who took to social media, sharing the promotion of the video clip.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s son, Sayyed Jawad posted the promotion, which went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, using the hashtags: Oh Most Benevolent Ones, Sayyed, Al-Manar, Soon.

However, due to technical problem, as Sayyed Jawad announced via twitter, the video will be postponed to a later date. Sayyed Jawad stated that some circulated news and pictures were inaccurate.

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