Al-Manar Reveals Details on Veteran Israeli Collaborator

Al-Manar revealed details about veteran Israeli collaborator who was arrested by Lebanese security authorities.

Jamil Ibrahim Assaf, 57, a business man who resides in the UAE and holds Brazilian nationality, Al-Manar’s Mona Tahini reported on Wednesday, adding that he was arrested in Beirut International Airport last November upon arrival from Dubai.

Security sources

In 2009 security authorities found a telecommunication device that used codes linked to Slovakian phone numbers, security sources told our reporter.

Security authorities found out that Assaf was contacting his Israeli operator, called Yossi Sofer, whom he met in Panama, according to the sources.

Assaf was earlier trained in Panama to use the device which he received in 2000, the sources added.

The veteran collaborator, who left the ranks of the Kataeb (Phalanges) Party to join the Lebanese Forces Party, confessed that he had several visits to the Zionist entity.

His first visit to the occupied territories was in 1981. He stayed for 45 days there, where he got military training. In 1982 he had a two-month visit to the Zionist entity, the sources said.

In 1994 he travelled from Venezuela to the Zionist entity via the Netherlands. He stayed in the occupied territories for a week.

In 1999, Assad travelled from Beirut to the Zionist entity via Italy, upon the orders of his Israeli operators. In the occupied territories, he met with Mossad officers who took part in the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Throughout his week-long visit, Assaf got training by Mossad, Tahini said, citing the sources.

Between 2000 and 2006, Assaf, who was in charge of a diving club in the Movinpick Hotel in Beirut, provided Mossad with names of his clients, as well as other people affiliated with Hezbollah and Palestinian organizations.

Assaf, who speaks Hebrew fluently since 1989, was involved in security operations carried out by Mossad in Lebanon, the investigation with him revealed.

He contributed to the assassination of two Islamic Jihad members, Mahmoud and Nidal Al-Majzoub, in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon. Following the 2006 assassination, Assaf traveled to Egypt and stayed there until 2016, when he contacted his lawyers in order to assure that he can enter the Lebanese territories, the sources added.

In 2021 he had a meeting with an Israeli officer, known as Moschi, at his partner’s residence in Dubai

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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