Al-Moallem: The Countries’ Region Will Realize that Destabilizing Syria Not in the Region’s Interest

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem on Wednesday said that Syria is looking forward to the best relations with Arab countries, particularly the Palestinian Cause.

Al-Moallem expressed confidence that “Sooner or later the region’s countries will realize that the attempt to destabilize Syria’s security won’t be in the region’s interest,” during his meeting with the visiting Indian academic and media delegation.

Minister al-Moallem thanked the Indian leadership and people for their supportive stance at the UN Security Council which prevented the adoption of western draft resolution that could allow for foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

He reiterated Syria’s determination to head towards the East to enhance its economic relations with the friendly countries in Asia, South America and Africa, in light of the US and European sanctions against Syria, “which negatively affect the Syrian citizens’ life and living and expose the West’s false claims of defending human rights.”

Hr expressed Syria’s firm will to move forward with implementing what was agreed upon during President al-Assad’s visit to India and the Indian President’s visit to Syria in 2010.

Al-Moallem expressed confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to overcome the crisis and sanctions.

Al-Moallem presented to the delegation members a comprehensive and detailed review on the situation in Syria, indicating to the presence of armed groups which have been committing terrorist acts against civilians, law enforcement members and state establishments.

He also referred to the smuggling of arms by those groups into Syria through its borders with neighboring countries, noting that the arms shipments which have been seized by the authorities confirm this, the last of which was a car loaded with weapons in Idelb.

“No country in the world would accept that the security of its citizens be jeopardized,” he added.

Minister al-Moallem indicated to the misleading media campaign launched against Syria, stressing the importance of the Indian delegation’s visit in conveying the real image of what is taking palace in Syria.

Al-Moallem referred to the citizens’ legitimate demands which the Syrian government is working hard to fulfill through the comprehensive reform program announced by President Bashar al-Assad, citing the already issued legislative decrees regarding ending the emergency state, the political parties law, the elections law, the local administration law and the media law according to specific timetables.

He underscored the presidential decision recently issued by President al-Assad on forming a committee to draft a constitution for the country within a time period of 4 months.

The Minister stressed that the country is now in the process of holding a comprehensive national dialogue conference with the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian society and the national opposition to draw out a vision for Syria’s future.

For their part, the delegation members stressed Syria’s important role in the region, adding that what they saw on the ground during their visit to a number of governorates completely contradicts the image conveyed by some media.

The members hailed the state of stability and security they felt in the governorates and the steps taken by the Syrian leadership to achieve reforms, hoping that Syria would come out of the crisis as soon as possible without any foreign interference.

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