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Al-Wefaq: Bahrain FM Remarks on Zionist Entity ‘Reckless, Unprecedented Impudence’

Bahrain’s prominent opposition group, Al-Wefaq, rejected as ‘reckless’ remarks made by Al Khalifa regime’s foreign minister on the relations between the Gulf island and the Zionist entity.

“This hysteric rush towards the Zionists reflects the regime’s tendency to throw itself into the Israeli lap,” Al-Wefaq said in a statement, adding that FM Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa’s remarks are “totally rejected”.

Such remarks “are unprecedented impudence” by the Bahraini regime, as they reflect the gap between the “oppressive” regime and the Bahraini people.

Meanwhile, the opposition group said that the Bahraini people look at the Zionist entity as an occupier regime, affirming that the Bahrainis can’t be complicit in granting the Israelis access to Bahrain.

“Israelis who were allowed to tour Bahrain were backed by regime’s security forces,” Al-Wefaq said, noting that any protest against the Israelis’ visit was banned by force.

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