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All clerics are responsible regarding crises in Muslim World


“Enough knowledge gathers Shiites and Sunnis around their commonalities,” said Iraq Foreign Minister.
Iraq Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jafari in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) beckoned to the standing setbacks in the World of Islam stressing “the clashes and problems in the World of Islam stem from different factors. Sometimes they are derived from political disputations; some other times they stem from social, cultural, economic, and security turmoil.”

“In the World of Islam the crisis of lack of knowledge exists, while enough knowledge can converge Muslims and let them gather around their shared views and commonalities, putting aside their disputations and solve many problems they are faced with,” mentioned the political face.

Highlighted the key role of religious clerics in the World of Islam in promoting unity and rapprochement among Muslims, Iraq Foreign Minister stressed, “Muslims enjoys many a commonality such as the same Qiblah, Hajj, Islam Prophet (PBUH).”

He placed accentuation on the elevated role of religious clerics in guiding people and reasoning out the standing problems in Muslim countries adding, “All religious clerics are responsible regarding the standing crises in the World of Islam”.

Heading a delegation to Iran Capital of Tehran, Ibrahim al-Jafari attended Islamic unity conference visiting Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatollah Mohsen Araki.

Sitting at talks over the recent events in the region, the two sides also discussed Takfiri moves in Muslim countries for coming up with some roadmaps and proposal to end the present crises.

Ibrahim al-Jafari also gave speech in the Islamic Unity conference, stressing. “Muslim nations should learn from their prophets, follow his commands and show the World they are united.”

Ibrahim al-Jaafari beckoned to critical and plagued situation in the World of Islam adding, “Given present milieu in the World of Islam, it is incumpent upon us to implement Islam Prophet’s (PBUH) Message and be a model for other communities.”

The political face placed stress on the standing crises world of Muslims is mired in adding,” the political, social, economic, theoretical and security turmoil in Islamic countries also stem from lack will among Muslims.”

According to Iraq Foreign Minister, “more than 25 percent of marriages in Iraq were among Shiite and Sunnis; and in point of fact in one family you can find family members are from different Islamic sects.”

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