All should realize national and Islamic unity

Head of “Loyalty to Resistance” Bloc, MP Mohammad Raad said Tuesday that those who conspired against the Resistance in 2006 seek to take vengeance on Syria due to its supporting stance to Hezbollah.

The MP spoke during Ashura ceremony in south Lebanon and said that when Syrian regime adopted reforms, escalation began on both internal and external scenes.

“The conspirators with European regimes, the U.S. administration and the “israeli” enemy, among which some Arab leaders, do not want reforms nor democracy in Syria, but rather seek revenge from Syrian supportive stance to Hezbollah, when they were betting on the israeli enemy to crush the resistance, “he said.

In a related context, Deputy Head of Hezbullah Executive Council His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk indicated that through dragging into an aggressive anti-Syria position, the March 14 camp violated the Taef Accord and works contrary to what meets the interests of Lebanon after it has become subjected to a foreign will.
His Eminence noted that the US policy in Lebanon and the region represents a bad omen, adding that the crises faced today are resulted by the US pressures which will only reap disappointment.

Moreover, Sheikh Qaouk indicated that targeting Syria resembles an attempt to continue the goals of July 2006 war, which was a devastating defeat for the enemy, and its repercussions still haunt the Zionist entity.

Sheikh Qaouk believed that the diplomatic failure in facing Syria “made the Western-backed Arabs speak Turkish in the Arab League”, with reference to the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Devutoglu’s participation in the meeting to approve anti-Syria sanctions.

“We have seen the million-man protests in Syria that are vowing their support for the region and reforms”, Sheikh Qaouk reiterated, saying that the inter-Syrian equation will not be deteriorated by sanctions, statements or incitements.

On another hand, His Eminence Sheikh Qaouk criticized the countries that claim to respect the Syrian people, while they ban their own people from protesting and send troops to Bahrain to suppress the will of the Bahrainis.

From his part, MP Hussein Moussawi said that the US-“israeli” project aims to monopolize the region through dividing the region, as well as targeting the resistance and rejectionist powers.

He assured that this project targets the entire people of the region, despite their sectarian and religious differences. He further stressed on the importance of unity among Muslims, Sunnites and Shiites.

During a speech he gave on the occasion of Ashura in the mausoleum of Lady Khawla (daughter of Imam Hussein pbuh) in Baalbeck, MP Moussawi iterated that all should strive in order to realize national and Islamic unity, and prevent the zionist enemy from creating a rift among Muslims.

On the situation in Lebanon, He stressed that it will remain peaceful and settled regardless of the government’s destiny, and no matter what its decision regarding the special tribunal’s funding was.

“The cabinet session will be held on Wednesday, and things will take their legal course,” he affirmed.

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