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Allah-u Akbar: Honour of Islamic Ummah Hezbollah Strikes zionist Military Patrol near Southern Border




Hezbollah announced on Monday that martyr Samir Kuntar group in the Islamic Resistance detonated a huge IED when an Israeli military patrol crossed on Zibdin-Kafra road in  occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms.

In a statement, the Islamic Resistance added that the explosion destroyed a Hamer  vehicle and hurt all the soldiers on board.

The Zionist media reported on Monday that an Israeli military patrol was targeted by a bomb explosion and anti-armor missiles near the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

The Israeli army stated that it combed the area, in search for other bombs.

Al-Manar correspondent reported that Israeli artillery shells struck the Lebanese villages of Abbasiya, al-Majedeya al-Wazzani, hitting several houses.

Security sources told Al-Manar that one of the targeted Israeli vehicles was conveying a senior officer.

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