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Allawi quits candidacy for NCSP head

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has reportedly withdrawn his name as candidate for the post of chairman of the newly created National Council for Strategic Policy (NCSP).

Iraqi Lawmaker Ali Tamim, a member of Sadr group, confirmed that Allawi had withdrawn his name as candidate for the post.

“Allawi asked executive authorities for the National Council for Strategic Policy (NCSP,) but the demand is against the Constitution because the council is a consultative body and not executive body,” Tamim said.

This is while many of Iraqi lawmakers are opposed to giving further authority to the council, saying the move may disrupt the activities of other executive bodies.

In November, Iraq’s main factions reached an agreement based on the incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki remaining in office for another term and the Kurdish Alliance’s President Jalal Talabani retaining the presidency.

Allawi of Iraqiya Alliance would also be a part of the government as head of the NCSP, according to the deal.

Iraqi lawmakers, moreover, elected Osama al-Nujaifi as the country’s parliament speaker. The post is to be held by Iraqiya.

Iraqiya managed to win most seats in the March 7 parliamentary elections, but failed to secure the absolute majority needed for a mandate.

In an interview with Britain’s Times newspaper on Tuesday Allawi also threatened to quit a power-sharing government.

“Power-sharing is not happening,” Allawi said. “It is not set to work in a meaningful way… If it does not change, I will not participate.”

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