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America, the most debtor country to UN


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said America is the most debtor countries to the United Nations.

In a report to the UN General Assembly over financial situation of the UN, Ban said America’s unpaid assessed contributions — comprising the regular budget and peacekeeping total 1.274 billion dollars.

While US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, in her first address in the organization 10 months ago stressed that America would pay off old debts to the UN, but the latest report showed that the country has not yet paid its debts.

The UN General Assembly in a resolution in 2000 reduced some debts of America to encourage the country to pay back its debts.

Based on the United Nations’ charter, member states should meet their financial obligations to UN in full and on time but some countries use their debts as a weapon for putting political pressure on the body.

According to the UN Secretary-General’s report, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Ukraine and China are respectively the top debtor countries to UN after America.

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