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American double standards

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Zul Kaada, 5th 1430 H. – October, 23rd 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The Second Sermon

American green light to Israeli colonization

In occupied Palestine, the enemy’s Prime Minister declared that Israel has reached an agreement with the American Administration on the colonization activities, while the entity’s Minister of War calls for reactivating the Zionist institution that grants licenses for carrying out colonization activities. This is a new practical sign that the American administration has given a full green light to the enemy to expand its colonization activities that have not stopped in the first place, and that are meant to expedite and accelerate, even at a time the Americans are talking about going forth with the negotiation process between the Palestinian Authority and the enemy.

Further “humiliating” the Palestinian people

On another level, the Israeli terrorist acts against the Palestinians continue, where the enemy expelled additional families from occupied Jerusalem, without any response from the Arab and Islamic countries, in addition to the continuous raids executed on Gaza’s peripheries and the attacks carried out by the Palestinian settlers against the Palestinians while picking up olives.

Faced by this scene in which the entire world approves of the American – Israeli plan that aims at keeping the Palestinians under pressure until they surrender to them like humiliated persons and pledge alliance to them like slaves, we ask the Palestinian Authority: About what elections and institutional commitments are you talking?!

The entire world called on the Palestinians to conduct their own free elections; however, after the results, Gaza was besieged and rivers of Palestinian blood were spilled, and the West bank was placed under the American security that is supervised by the Zionists from afar. As a result, the Palestinians hit the worst level and they had to choose between dying from hunger and surrendering to the enemy, i.e. to death… despite all that, the world still talks about the integrity of the elections!!!

We ask: How could a people express their opinions in the elections while under the threat of being killed and under a savage occupation that history has never witnessed before, and at a time the big states are trying to clear the enemy’s name from the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that the UN report has confirmed, suggesting to the enemy, in an indirect manner, to wage a new annihilation war against the Palestinians?

American double standards

We also ask the American President who was recently granted the Nobel Peace Prize: How could you speak of an annihilation war in “Darfur”, while you know the actual nature of the tribal problem over there and you are aware that the Western states, including your own country, are nourishing this conflict; yet, you say no word about the annihilation war conducted against the Palestinians during the war on Gaza that was followed by a starvation siege that is still being exploited to exert pressures on the Palestinians to recognize the so-called national homeland of the Zionists on the Palestinian land?! How could an administration that calls for peace authorize the ongoing Zionist aggression on the Palestinians and the International Law?!

At the same level, we hear nothing from the American Administration about the Israeli espionage, but rather it satisfies itself with condemning the Israeli spy only and not the entity behind him. Moreover, and despite all that, America deploys its huge arsenal of battleships and advanced missiles to conduct a maneuver with the enemy, on the day a big spying operation and a dangerous breach to the American military and nuclear forces was declared. Thus, this maneuver would actually be the beginning of an expected aggression on the Arab and Islamic countries neighboring occupied Palestine…

We warn that the ongoing American game in the region is devious and deceitful, because America, after its failure in Iraq and its ongoing failure in Afghanistan and Pakistan, aims at exporting its crises to more than one location in the region and spreading chaos, violence, and terrorism, under the cover of the so-called democracy and peace…

Islamic unity: A top priority

Therefore, we call on the major Islamic states in the region for a thorough examining to the American plot, and we call on the Islamic Republic of Iran, that has been subjected to a brutal devious aggression that targeted a meeting for establishing unity and spreading good in the region, to be cautious from the probable American plots schemed for Iran’s internal arena and camouflaged by the external negotiations on the Iranian nuclear dossier… We also call on the Pakistani authorities to face the American intelligence and others, to prevent the Islamic countries from turning into a location in which the spark of sedition would be lit and would eventually enflame the entire reality.

Therefore, we call on everyone not to neglect Islamic unity that represents the Muslims’ life, strength, and invincibility, and to place this unity on top of their priorities, in all their political and non-political movements. This would thwart the enemies’ project that aims at destroying the nation internally, at a time all those who are faithful seek to salvage it [the nation] from the hellfire of the occupation that is wreaking havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan, and occupied Palestine.

Lebanon: Beware of an international cover to an Israeli aggression

As for Lebanon whose expectations swing between the feelings of pessimism and optimism for the birth of a new Cabinet, after four months of waiting, is actually overlooking the security turmoil inflicted by the Zionist enemy in the South, at a time many officials and non-officials say or do nothing in response of the Israeli espionage on its land, as well as the violation of its airspace…

We warn from a wide-range international cover secured for the Israeli aggression, and from the engagement of the UNIFIL in this game that not only constitutes limited aggressions, but rather a preparation for an aggression of a large scale during which the enemy would take advantage of the preoccupation of the internal parties with their personal ambitions or ministerial portfolios to place the entire country within its occupation and aggression sphere.

We call on the Lebanese not to be occupied with the formation of the cabinet and to focus on the need for a state, and to totally unite in order to protect the independence that is violated by the internal complications and the external plots, because of which the Lebanese are about to lose the sense of independence, after they had lost its movement in their willpower and its reality in several political positions.

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