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Americans: Obama presidency ‘failure’


The majority of people in the United States believe President Barack Obama is a weak leader and consider his presidency as a “failure,” a recent opinion poll has found.

According to the poll by Washington Post and ABC News, by 52 to 42 percent, Americans say that Obama has been more of a failure than a success.

Those saying Obama has been a failure include 25 percent of Democrats, 29 percent of liberals, 92 percent of Conservative Republicans and 29 percent of liberals.

The poll also indicates that most Americans rate Obama as a weak leader. Only 43 percent of Americans say he is a strong leader, the lowest reading since he entered the White House.

The poll blamed Obama’s low ratings on his handling of international affairs and immigration, with the public claiming the president was too cautious on international issues.

According to a separate poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal released Tuesday, only 32 percent of voters support the president’s foreign policy decisions.

The polls were conducted a day before Obama delivered a speech on his strategy regarding the ISIL terrorist group.

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