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Americans obliged to tragic choice between two unpleasant options



Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States after defeating his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House. According to the results of several surveys, the 2016 presidential race featured two of the most disliked candidates in electoral history.

Talking to Press TV, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review, Bill Jones, has said that the people of the United States did not have much of a choice except to pick one of the two unpleasant options.

“It is really a situation of tragic choice between the plague and cholera. Whatever the results of the elections are, I am in very much fear of what is going to happen to the United States,” the analyst told Press TV.

He also stated the new president would have to deal with a “strongly divided” country, adding that this division is not going to disappear after the Election Day and it may even grow in the course of time.

Jones further criticized the American electoral system, saying the amounts of money that are needed to run and win a campaign are so great that only the people who have the funds are “calling the shots.”

“It is really difficult for any independent candidate with a policy and with principles to make themselves felt unless they cave in to the powers and that includes the money people, the Wall Street crowd, who think they can buy the election,” he stated.

However, he said, the interesting point about the election was that in spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton had the backing of Wall Street and the media, Donald Trump independently created a tremendous amount of support among people.

He went on to say the reason behind Trump’s victory is that he has tapped into the extensive concern, dismay and anger that exists within the US population who want a change in the system so that their voice can finally be heard.

According to the analyst, the next president of the United States should take into consideration the fact that there is some kind of an “internal insurgency” on the political level within the country and that changes have got to be made with regard to the electoral system, the quality of people who are running for office and the honesty that they bring with them.

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