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Americans protest media coverage of police brutality against blacks


Angry Americans held demonstrations in New York City to protest main stream media coverage of police brutality against African Americans.

Protests triggered by police shooting deaths of black people including Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island are still continuing in New York.

Demonstrators want an end to police brutality notably against black and brown citizens.

Protests, which have been originally ignited due to grand jury decisions not to indict the officers responsible for the killings of the two unarmed African Americans and others, are now shifting focus.

They are angry with the way the mainstream media has been covering the incidents as well as how their actions are being portrayed, notably by the New York Post, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

On Friday, demonstrators gathered in front of the building belonging to FOX television, which is also owned by Murdoch.

They called for a boycott and the shutdown of outlets, shouting “post lies and broadcast misinformation about the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The killing of unarmed black people by white police officers in the United States was voted by American journalists as the top news story of 2014, according to a new survey.

The police killing of African Americans was chosen as the No. 1 news story because of the investigations and massive protests they inspired across the US, The Associated Press’ annual poll of US editors and news directors showed.

The unnecessary use of heavy-handed tactics by police as well as the racial profiling of minorities has become a major concern in the US.

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