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Amid ‘soft war’, Leader calls up ‘influential’ artists


The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has called on the Iranian artists to make a strong presence in the ‘ongoing soft war’ through ‘full-fledged’ and ‘influential art’.

Imam Ali Khamenei, speaking during a Saturday meeting with poets, intellectuals and artists, described the soft war as a ‘reality’, which may have been underestimated and overlooked by some people.

“One believes the existence of the soft war, when one sees fully-equipped [aggressors], who have lined up with clenched teeth against the Revolution, [its late founder] Imam Khomeini, and the principles of the Revolution,” the Leader said, adding that “however, some may overlook these [signs].”

Imam Khamenei said that distinguishing between ‘friend and foe’ and between ‘aggressor and defender’ have become a difficult task, therefore an artist should make ‘sacrifices’ and ‘tremendous effort’ to find ‘the truth’ and to redistribute it in an artistic manner.

“Artists and intellectuals are part of the great movement of the Revolution and they are obliged to express their understanding of ‘the truth’, fluently and eloquently,” the Leader said.

Imam Khamenei concluded that the ongoing soft war cannot be fought through a ‘political approach’, offering the presentation of ‘the truth’ through a “full-fledged and influential artistic manner” as the alternative.

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