An Iranian delegation to visit Myanmar soon


Iran’s ambassador to Thailand has initiated talks with officials in Myanmar to prepare the grounds for the visit of the Iranian delegation, he said.

An Iranian delegation is to meet with Myanmar’s refugees sheltered in Bangladesh to closely monitor their status, Qasemi added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to spare no efforts to help resolve the problems of Myanmar’s Muslims, Qasemi said.

Iran’s ambassador to Thailand who is also Iran’s accredited ambassador to Myanmar has been ordered to visit Myanmar in order to convey Iran’s stance on Myanmar developments.

The Iranian accredited ambassador met on Wednesday with Myanmar deputy foreign minister to examine the latest developments with regards to Muslims’ status in the country, he said.

Iran’s ambassador to Thailand called for immediate termination of violence against Muslims and the human catastrophe, Qasemi said.

Carnage of hundreds of Muslims and the escudos of over 300,000 civilians will prepare the grounds for the extremist groups and their supporters to fish from the troubled water, but all should exercise vigilance to resolve the issue through negotiations, he said.

In the meeting, the Iranian envoy has urged Myanmar officials to prepare the grounds for the dispatch of Iranian delegation as well as required authorization letter for dispatch of humanitarian aid to the affected area in the country, Qasemi said.

The Myanmar official in the meeting explained about current incidents in the country and vowed to look into the matter positively and help provide Iran with required authorization letter for the dispatch of relief aid to the country, he said.

It was agreed that an Iranian diplomatic delegation to visit Myanmar to talk with the country’s officials on this issue, Qasemi said.

Iran is to send its first humanitarian aid for some 300,000 displaced Myanmar Muslims who were stationed in Bangladesh this weekend, he said.

The delegation is to closely examine the status of Muslims and is to convey the sympathy of the Iranian government and nation for this tragedy, Qasemi said.

As previously underlined in talks with Myanmar officials, the Islamic Republic of Iran is to send more relief aid to the country and try to help resolve the issue through political means, he said.

Iran will be in constant talks with officials in Bangladesh and Myanmar to play its significant role to stop violence against Muslims and uproot these problems, the foreign ministry spokesman said.

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