Anbar Province: Iraqi Forces Kill 110 ISIL Terrorists Near Fallujah City



The Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) continued their advances in Anbar province, killing tens of Takfiri terrorists near the city of Fallujah on Sunday.

At least 110 ISIL terrorists were killed in the offensive of Iraqi joint forces in Northern al-Karmah to the Northeast of Fallujah city.

Al-Karmah is an important and strategic city near Fallujah and is considered as an entrance gate to the city of Fallujah. It is located 16 kilometers to the Northeast of Fallujah.

On Tuesday, Iraqi military forces managed to push ISIL militants back from agricultural areas outside Fallujah as they continue their military operation to retake Iraq’s Western city.

Lieutenant Ahmed Mahdi Salih, a commander in Iraqi federal police participating in the battle, said that fierce battles were taking place in the Eastern vicinity of Fallujah which the militants are using as a supply line, Rudaw news website reported.

The operation is being conducted under the command of Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab Al Sa’adi who pointed out that tough terrains of the battlefields, the risk of civilian casualties and the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) ISIL has planted in and around the city are obstacles to a swift victory, which is why they will begin the offensive by surrounding and bombarding ISIL positions.

While Iraqi military and paramilitary forces have had the city encircled for over a year this is their first serious attempt to recapture the city and force the militants to retreat from the area.

ISIL captured Fallujah back in January 2014 making it the first and longest city it has been controlling in Iraq.

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