‘Anonymous’ Attack Hundreds of “Israeli” Websites

anonymousHacktivists from the Anonymous group attacked hundreds of websites belonging to “Israeli” ministries and organizations on Monday.
Hundreds of websites of “Israeli” ministries and organizations came under attack by Anonymous early Monday, with “Israeli” media saying that websites, including those of the Ministry of Education and the Airports Authority, had been hacked.
Anonymous said in a statement on Sunday: “On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the ‘Israeli’ Cyberspace by any means necessary.”
Addressing the “Israeli” regime, Anonymous also said:”Further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorized by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will NOT be tolerated anymore.”

The group referring to the “Israeli” siege on Gaza since 2007 pledged not to stop until “Palestine is free.”

The first cyber-attack against “Israel” was launched by Anonymous during “Israel’s” assault on Gaza in November 2012. Around 700 websites were hacked, including those of the Foreign Ministry and the “Israeli” president’s official websites. The personal data of some 5,000 “Israeli” officials were posted online.

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