Another Journalist martyred in Gaza by rabid zionist dogs: Gaza death toll at 42

A Palestinian Journalist has just been confirmed dead, by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Ahmed Abu Hussein, Palestinian Journalist killed by zionist forces.

Palestinian journalist, Ahmed Abu Hussein, was covering Gaza’s ‘Great Return March’ protests when he was severely injured by Israeli border forces, East of Jabalia refugee camp, April 13th.

Ahmed was transported immediately from the scene, to Gaza’s ‘Indonesian Hospital’, where he underwent surgery before being relocated to the West Bank, in order to receive better medical care.

Today Ahmed Abu Hussein was declared dead, joining fellow journalist Yasser Mortaga and becoming the  second journalist to have been murdered by zionist forces whilst filming Gaza’s ongoing non-violent protests.

Since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’ 42 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, more then 5000 have also been injured.

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