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Ansarallah forces score big advance in northern Yemen

On Friday, the Ansarallah forces made significant progress in the Marib Governorate after a relatively quiet month on the ground in Yemen.

According to a report from northern Yemen, the Ansrallah forces launched a big assault on the positions of the Yemeni government forces in the Maghdal Al-Jadaan District, which is the location of an imperative crossroad.

The Ansarallah forces were able to capture several areas in this district, including the villages of Al-Jurf and Naba’a Al-Olaya, after intense clashes with the Yemeni government troops.

The Yemeni government forces reportedly tried to launch a counter-attack against the Ansarallah Movement after the Saudi-led Coalition launched a number of airstrikes over the Marib Governorate; however, they were unsuccessful.

This new offensive by the Ansarallah Movement comes at a time of great friction between the pro and anti government forces, as the Yemeni peace talks have stalled.

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