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Ansarollah not to allow aggressors’ control over Al-Hudaydah: Yemeni minister

Ahmed Al-Qana, Yemen’s Minister of State for National Reconciliation says that the Yemeni people will continue to resist against Saudi-led aggressors, stressing that the Yemeni Ansarollah will not agree to hand over the control of Al-Hudaydah to the other side under the UN-supervised deal.

Speaking to Mehr News Agency (MNA) correspondent, Ahmed Al-Qana, Yemen’s Minister of State for National Reconciliation, said that the Yemeni nation will continue to resist the Saudi and UAE-led aggressors, saying that Yemenis have been taught by holy Quran to resist and stand against aggressors.

Al-Qana said that victory is theirs, saying that after four years of aggression, the Saudi and UAE-led aggressors with the support of Israel and the United States have not achieved their goals. He also declared that when the resistance enters its fifth year, it will be different from the past four years, as their leader Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi had previously predicted.

Furthermore, the Yemeni national reconciliation minister referred to the UN-brokered peace talks in Sweden, saying that other side of the negotiating table do not have power and willingness and are completely under the influence of Saudis and Emirates.

“In fact, we are talking with the Saudis and Emirates. The talks will either lead to peace or we will respond to them by missiles, UAVs and our popular committees,” Al-Qana underscored.

“Anyway, we will continue negotiating with them in order to encourage them to return to their roots and preserve their Yemeni identity,” he said.

Regarding the partiality of the United Nations in the peace talks, the Yemeni official said “we count on the UN to put an end to the aggression and we hope the UN and its secretary general, as the ones who brokered the talks, could appear on media and reveal the side that throws obstacles on the way of the peace talks.”

He further noted that while his side keeps extending their hands for the sake of reaching peace, the other side keeps throwing hurdles on the way of peace talks and asks them to hand over Yemen’s territories to the enemy and their mercenaries.

“We agreed to form the UN-supervised group to monitor the Al-Hudaydah agreement, but the other side interpreted the agreement in their own favor and called for the full handover of the port. But we do not accept that,” the Yemeni national reconciliation minister underlined.

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