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Ansarullah: Saudi crimes to result in most severe consequences

Ansarullah’s spokesman warned that the crimes of the Saudi coalition against Yemeni civilians, in light of the silence of the international community, will lead to the most severe consequences and punishments.

Saudi coalition continues attacks on Yemeni citizens and civilian facilities in light of international support and the silence of the United Nations, Ansarullah’s spokesman tweeted.

Mohammed Abdulsalam made the remarks in reaction to the airstrikes of the Saudi coalition against some residential buildings in the al-Mahwit city of Yemen which killed and injured several women and children.

The continuation of these crimes will have no result for the Saudi-American coalition, except for suffering the most severe consequences and punishments, top negotiator of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement warned.

Yemeni sources reported on Friday evening that Saudi fighter jets had carried out two airstrikes in Yemen’s al-Mahwit city, killing and injuring 10 civilians, including two women and a child.

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