Arab Tribes in Northeastern Syria Declare Strong Opposition to Forced Recruitment by US-Backed Militia


Arab tribes, in a statement on Wednesday, declared their opposition to continued forced recruitment by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Manbij region in Northeastern Syria.

The Arab tribes issued a statement and firmly condemned the SDF’s forced conscription of young men, saying that they will not allow their sons to join the militia.

The tribes also demanded a general strike to grow more united against the SDF.

A fresh wave of anger has covered the Arab tribes in the region as the SDF casualties in battle with ISIL includes 98 percent Arab fighters and only 2 percent Kurdish gunmen.

The Arab tribes’ opposition rose after the SDF announced that young men between the ages of 18-30 have to join the militia, or will be legally prosecuted.

Last week, a commander of the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces was killed in Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo.

Media activists in Eastern Aleppo reported that a bomb was detonated on al-Jazeera road near Manbij, targeting and killing SDF’s intelligence commander Morad.

Reports from Manbij said that the SDF forces have increased forced recruitment from civilians recently, adding that actue shortage of fuel in the past week has angered the people residing in the region.

Several SDF forces have been killed and wounded in sporadic attacks in the past few days.

Relevant reports said that armed raiders targeted a base of the SDF known as al-Mahkamah in the town of Manbij, killing 3 militias and wounding several more.

The SDF sent more gunmen to the scene following the attack, but, one of the vehicles of the convoy came under attack by unspecified attackers near the town’s general hospital, leaving a number of SDF militias killed or wounded.

Meanwhile, a number of the SDF gunmen were killed by unknown parties in Abu Qolqol region South of Manbij in recent days.

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