Army’s soldiers, officers: President al-Assad’s visit increased determination to defend Homeland


Syrian army’s soldiers, officers and popular defense forces stationed in Joubar affirmed Thursday that President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to them at the beginning of the New Year increased their determination to continue the war of defending Syria against terrorists.

President al-Assad visited army and popular defense forces at the fire lines of Jobar, Damascus countryside.
The President toured a number of posts and military units which face armed terrorist groups, hailing and appreciating forces’ victories and sacrifices to keep the people of Damascus and its surrounding, as well as their properties, protected and safe.

The army’s soldiers and forces said the visit of the President has fortified their determination and strengthened their belief in the approach of defeating the terrorist aggression project against Syria. “The visit has increased hope that we will celebrate the coming of next year in our houses and with our families after we accomplish our duties in restoring security and stability to Syria,” one of the army’s officers said.

One soldier added “We are here in Joubar to defend the right and restore dignity to the Syrian people.” Another member in the popular defense forces said “The president’s visit and his participation in our supper on the front line have increased our morals to achieve new victories on terrorism.”

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