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Attack on Turkey occupied positions to continue, says Ahrar Sinjar

Claiming responsibility for the Saturday attack on the Turkish base in Northern Iraq, the Iraqi resistance group “Ahrar Sinjar” vowed to continue its operations and attacks against Turkey's positions in Iraq.

Some Iraqi media reported on Sunday morning that the Turkish military base between Maqloub and Ba’ashiqa mountain in the north of Mosul city, come under attack with 6 drones.

According to the Iraqi source Sabereen news the Iraqi resistance group “Ahrar Sinjar” claimed responsibility for the attack on the Turkish base in Iraq.

Two Turkish soldiers and a local contractor are said to have been killed in this attack.

“We warned the Turkish occupiers about the continuation of aggression against Iraq and its cities,” a spokesman for the Ahrar Sinjar movement said in a statement, adding that this operation was carried out in response to the recent Turkish aggression on the outskirts of Kirkuk and Duhok in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

“We targeted the Turkish occupation base with two unique drones with great accuracy,” he also said, adding according to preliminary information, the attack caused material and human damage to the Turkish occupiers.

These operations and attacks will continue as long as the occupiers are present with savagery and aggression, he stressed.

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