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Islamic Republic Day- day of the oppressed over the arrogant- in Iran

Farvardin 12 (March 31) marks the Islamic Republic Day in Iran.

In a two-day referendum staged late March after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iranian nation made a historic and decisive choice by voting for the establishment of the Islamic Republic system in Iran.

The people of Iran through their presence at the ballot boxes, on the historic days of Farvardin 10, 11 embodied one of the greatest aims of the Islamic revolution’s dreams and could realize the final victory of the Islamic Revolution through their magnificent and unbelievable votes.

The glorious result of the election(98.2%) put an end to any dispute in the form of Iran’s government after the fall of the 2500-year-old monarchy and through the firm leadership of Imam Khomeini (PBUH).

Favardin 12 was the time during which the real charcteristic of Iranians was revealed. It was the day of the oppressed over the arrogant. It was the day of confirmation of the Islamic Revolution, which surely paves the ground for the Islamic government all around the world.

On this blessed day, a system was founded which reflected the honorable Islamic not just in Iran but also all around the world. On this holy day, an Islamic government was established through the motto of “independence, freedom and Islamic Republic”.

In this holy motto the word “independence” has been mentioned as the first aim. It conveyed the message to the world that the Islamic nation of Iran wants her national will to dominate her destination so that she could set herself free from the influences and interference of the foreigners.

Imam Khomeini has elaborated this point so beautifully: “If the country is independent, the other affairs will be all right.”

On Farvardin 12, 1358 Imam Khomeini sent the message through radio and television:

“God, the Exalted, has promised to make the oppressed dominant over the arrogant through his succor and blessings. The promise does not mean waiting so long. I hope that we can witness that special day and the oppressed can conquer the arrogant, like the case which have been so far… I appreciate the whole Iranian nation who took part in this referendum and cast ballot, which shows a 100% victory, and their vote protected the Islamic Republic…. This is the Islamic Republic of Iran whose advanced laws and rules have priority over those of the other classes and schools of thoughts.”

The honorable Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Rohollah Khomeini (PBUH) has continued: “The morning of Farvardin 12 which is the first day of Allah’s government is one the greatest national and religious feasts of ours and our nation should celebrate this feast. They must refresh the memory of the day during which the pillars of the 2500-year-old palace belonging to the tyrannical government collapsed and the vicious dominance was forever wiped out and the government of the oppressed was replaced instead.

Another aim implied by the motto mentioned above was the word “freedom”. There have been so many different ideas about freedom. However, this term has the most general and the most objective meaning which is: the necessary political and social situations required for individual prosperity and salvation, within which there would be no legal and cultural barriers like custom and habits, the political barriers like the tyrannical dominance, colonialism and dictatorship.

The final aim of the main motto was the word “Islamic Republic” which consists of two words: “Republic” and “Islamic”.

The word “Republic” means the mass of people or the crowd and the reason of selection of such a term for a system formed after the revolution, is the people-based attitude of dealing with affairs of the country so that people’s free will has a key role at the time of determination of nation’s destiny.

To imply the government which is people oriented to survive, the word “Islamic” distinguishes this republic from the other counterparts. In this system, the Divine and Quranic values will dominate all of the affairs and the legal guardian along with divine system will be the leading power whose duty is to guide people and help them improve along with controlling their daily affairs.

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