Azerbaijan would not allow invading Iran from its soil

Azerbaijan would not allow invading Iran from its soil

Azerbaijan’s defense minister has said the country would not allow any power to attack Iran from its soil.
Lieutenant General Hassan Zakirov, who is visiting Iran, has met with Iran’s defense minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan and attended in a joint press conference today.

Mehr News correspondent asked Zakirov whether Azerbaijan would be a stronghold for Israel in its possible air strike on Iran, as some enemy propaganda claimed, to which the Azeri minister responded that “in no time in history would any power use Azeri soil as platform to attack Iran,” which he believed, “Republic of Azerbaijan has reiterated this position in international and regional meetings.”

Zakirov also told that Azerbaijan’s Constitution “asserts that in no time would Azerbaijan’s soil provide military bases for the second country, and we would not allow powers to attack neighbors from Azerbaijan’s soil.”

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