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Badr 3 Rocket Caused ‘israeli’ Casualties, Heavy Damage: Military Sources

The Badr 3 rocket which was fired by Islamic Jihad resistance movement during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza caused casualties and heavy damage upon Zionist entity, DEBKAfile quoted military sources as saying.

On Monday, April 6, hours into the Gaza ceasefire, Palestinian sources released a video showcasing the new Iranian weapon targeting Ashkelon, 13 km north of Gaza.

At least four of the new Iranian missiles were shown on May 4 and 5 during the 700-rocket blitz on the Israeli population from Saturday morning, according to DEBKAfile.

The sources disclose that the Badr 3 has a range of 150km. Its greatest asset is that it explodes 20 meters above the target before landing, showering 1,400 pieces of shrapnel across a wide area.

While earlier versions of the rocket carried 40 kilos of explosives, the Badr 3 has an explosive warhead of 250 kilos.

This feature greatly enhances its capacity to harm multiple human targets and wreak damage to buildings over a wide radius. Due to this capacity, many people in Ashkelon and Ashdod were injured after hearing the rocket alerts before they were able to reach safe shelter, according to the Israeli sources.

The Israeli website also noted that the rocket “was said by Iranian sources to have been supplied, possibly with technology and components,” adding that it was used by Houthi fighters in Yemen earlier in April.

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