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Baghdad Friday prayers Imam: Islamic Rev. turns 42, Trump joins dustbin of history

Ayatollah Sayyid Yasin al-Musawi, Friday Prayers leader in Baghdad said that Islamic Republic of Iran celebrated 42 years of Islamic Revolution anniversary victory and former US President Trump joined ash heap of history.

As Islamic Revolution of Iran, despite tough and oppressive sanctions, turned 42 years, former US President Donald Trump joined dustbin of history and this is a great victory for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the ayatollah reiterated.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran turned 42 years at the condition that former US President Trump made many threatening statements against Islamic Republic of Iran during the last four years of his presidency, Al-Youm reported,

Despite all this, Islamic Revolution of Iran continued and it was Trump who joined the dustbin of history, he said, adding, “Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA) explicitly referred to the day of severance of relations between Iran and the United States as a great festive and said that the United States cannot do a damn thing.”

The experience of the last four decades has proved well that anyone who attacks Islamic Revolution of Iran will join the dustbin of history and will be uprooted, Ayatollah Sayyid Yasin al-Musawi, Baghdad Friday Prayers leader added.

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