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Bahraini Cleric: Al Khalifa crimes, model for DAESH invasion of Shia


Bahraini cleric slammed the government’s measure to destroy mosques calling that an encouragement for DAESH terrorist group.

Sheikh Meysam Salman, Bahrain’s Human Rights watch referred to the direct role of the government in destruction of 38 Shia mosques in 2011 calling that an encouragement for extremist groups including DAESH to commit similar crimes, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Sheikh Salman added,” History of Shia and Sunni in this area has been empty of such background of violence and these two Islamic denominations have always lived in full coexistence respecting the sanctities of both Islam and Christianity as well as other sacred religions while Bahrain government has launched the heinous tradition of invasion, destruction and arson attacks of the sacred places.”

The cleric hailed the pacifist nature of the Bahrain citizens and noted,” Spiritual and social nature and also the vast cultural viewpoint of the people has prevented them to commit terrorist attacks and violence towards other religions or Islamic denominations.”

“Takfiri thoughts, DAESH threats, culture of crackdown and destruction of mosques started exactly from the destruction of 38 Shia mosques in Bahrain.” he said.

Sheikh Salman stressed,” It is quite natural that the people take any invasion or destruction of the registered mosques in Jafaria endowment as a dirty behavior in contrast with the culture and traditions that started since 2011 invasion of Shia mosques by Bahrain government.”

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