Bahraini protesters have long way ahead: Analyst

amin20130707092621673Press TV has conducted an interview with Radwan Rizk, a political commentator from Beirut, to discuss the situation in Bahrain.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Rizk, we know that the situation in Bahrain has been ongoing – the popular uprising since 2011. Still, basically we can say none of the demands of those protesters or demonstrators have been met.

Do you think this is just going to continue? How long will it take for this popular revolt or popular uprising to gain fruit? Do you think that with this pace and with this situation anything will change?

Rizk: Well, I think the Bahrainis still have a long way ahead of them because this Bahraini regime, the brutal regime of Bahrain has been winning the support of Saudi Arabia. You know that the Desert Shield forces protected Bahraini government from falling a long time ago.

The Americans with their military bases there, they are also very much concerned on keeping the Bahraini regime as it is. Concerning the conflict with Iran, they don’t want any pro-Iranian government to take place there in Bahrain.

We must be aware that the Bahraini people are being exposed to daily gas canister explosions – every day. This is going to affect them and the Bahrainis’ health. The regime now is trying to eliminate the majority Bahraini people in the long-term. They have been exposed to such weapons for 900 consecutive days now.

It seems that the Bahraini regime is turning a blind eye on the list of demands from the Bahraini people. The Bahraini government or the king is not showing in these demonstrations any kind of compromises, to go on serious compromises with the Bahraini demands – they are asking for the minimum of their human rights not only as citizens but as humans.

This brutal regime, on the contrary, is arresting more doctors, more nurses, and more demonstrators. It seems that in one way or another, it takes these demonstrations in a way to force the people of Bahrain, to use forces or to use some kind of arms or actions against the Bahraini regime so they can use or kill or drag the country into a kind of bloodshed.

The Bahraini people are being very wise and they know that they don’t want to be dragged into such a conflict against the government.

Up until now, they remain using their peaceful rights and peaceful demonstrations to try to change this regime. It seems that up till now it is reaching nowhere. We are reaching a dead end to these kinds of talks or acts with the regime.

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