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Bahrainis Continue Protests against Normalization with ‘israel’

People in Bahrain once again took to the streets to protest against the normalization of ties with Israel and the opening of the zionist regime’s embassy in the capital Manama.

Bahrainis held rallies in the villages of Sanabis and al-Markh near Manama to voice strong protest against concession to Israel.

The demonstrators condemned the Al Khalifa regime’s move to normalize ties with the occupation regime in Tel Aviv and reiterated their support for prominent cleric Sheikh Isa Qassem.

They also called for immediate release of political prisoners from the Manama regime’s jails.

Anti-Israel sentiments have been running high in the Persian Gulf kingdom since Tel Aviv opened its embassy during a visit by foreign minister Yair Lapid to Manama last month.

Following the visit, mass rallies were held across Bahrain, where protestors chanted slogans against the ruling Al Khlifah regime, raised placards in denunciation of normalization with Israel, and burnt Israeli flags.

Lapid’s arrival at Manama airport marked the first visit by the highest-ranking Israeli official to the tiny Persian Gulf country since Israel and Bahrain established formal relations last year.

Bahrain’s main opposition group al-Wefaq and the kingdom’s top cleric Sheikh Qassim have already slammed the move by the Al Khalifa dynasty.

On Friday, a protest turned violent after troops used tear gas and smoke bombs to scatter hundreds of demonstrators who were marching toward the Israeli embassy in central Manama to voice their indignation about normalization with Tel Aviv and the opening of its mission.

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