Baiji Battle Map: Iraqi Army Captures 4 Strategic Roads


The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have captured 4 strategic roads in the Salahiddeen Governorate, including the imperative Siniyyah-Baiji Rd. that cuts off the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s main supply route to the city of Baiji. Further adding to ISIS’ plight in the province of Salahiddeen, the ISF has captured the following roads along with the Siniyyah-Bajij Rd.: Tikrit-Baghdad Rd., Baiji-Tikrit Rd., and the Samarra-Anbar Rd.

Continuing their success around the country, the ISF – backed by the Badr Brigades – captured the Imam Wayss Area in the Diyala Governorate; this has led to the ISF’s advance into the city of Jalawala nearby. Jalawala will be a challenge for the ISF, as ISIS militants are spread all across the city and entrenched in many buildings.

Near Al-Ramadi, the ISF captured the village of Al-Majar in the Al-Anbar Governorate after 3 days of violent clashes. The ISF is holding strong in Al-Ramadi, despite ISIS’ persistent attempts to breach their frontline defenses and force them out of the city. With an offensive launched at Al-Heet, the ISF will alleviate some of the pressure on their embattled soldiers at Al-Ramadi, with the hope of an eventual counter-offensive on ISIS positions in the city.

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